SmileTiger Products FAQ
SmileTiger Software Corporation provides three major enterprise real-time communication systems: TeleMeeting Server, eMeeting Server, and Blueboard Meeting Server. They all have rich media data communication functions like video, audio, application sharing, etc. What are the differences among these products? Which one should I choose to meet my business needs?

SmileTiger TeleMeeting Server 2011
This product offers integrated phone and desktop data communication services for enterprise users. This system enables users to enter rich media communication sessions by simply dialing another user's phone number. It is effortless and removes the communication hurdles due to inconvenience. It greatly facilitates the interaction among employees and pushes the productivity to the next level.

SmileTiger eMeeting Server 2010
Rich feature video and web conferencing solution. The solution offers multiple party audio/video conferencing, application sharing, whiteboard, slide show, web tour, polling, recording and other features. It also offers rich APIs for customization and integration.

Blueboard Meeting Server 2010 
Lightweight meeting solution providing audio/video conferencing, desktop sharing and document sharing functionalities. The client plugin is less than 1MB and no additional software is needed to view slide shows and documents.

SmileTiger InfoSharing Server
An enterprise information sharing software. It facilitates the information sharing process among employees and workgroups. The software allows users to share their local files, publish files on the server, write blogs and accept audio/video calls from their web pages.