SmileTiger eMeeting Server 2009 is a web/video conferencing software product. It features meeting scheduling, video conferencing, VoIP audio conferencing, remote PowerPoint presentation, application sharing, application remote control, whiteboard, web tour, local file pushing, instant messaging, and other collaboration functions.

This product is designed for the complex Internet/Intranet environment. It works with firewalls and proxies without the need of any configuration. It is suitable for both broadband connection and dialup connection.

The product will help you save millions of dollars on travel and telecommunications expense.


Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing
White Board Remote PowerPoint Presentation
Application Sharing Remote Application Control
Local File Sharing Web Tour
Polling Question & Answer
Instant Messaging Record and Streaming
MS Outlook Integration MS Office Integration
Pass Firewalls and Proxies Cross Platforms
Strong Encryption Multi-level Access Control
High Bandwidth Efficiency High Scalability and Redundancy