Blueboard Meeting

Blueboard Meeting is a web-based meeting and presentation system. It offers audio conferencing, video conferencing, document presentation and desktop sharing functionalities. It is an ideal solution for both small and large group meetings.

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Blueboard Meeting offers a very convenient presentation mechanism. It integrates Microsoft Office into the client software, and allows you to edit and present PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, Visio drawings, Word documents inside the Blueboard Meeting window. It removes several big shortcomings of other meeting solutions. Presenters do not need to switch among windows to share documents, and do not need to upload and distribute files before presentation; viewers do not need Microsoft Office or PowerPoint Viewer to see the presentations.

Blueboard Meeting allows you to use Visio, Word and other Microsoft Office components to draw and write. This is a much more sophisticated and easy-to-use presentation method than the simple whiteboards in other meeting solutions. You will enjoy the powerful drawing capability in this software.

The software offers advanced multiparty text, audio and video conferencing capabilities. The excellent audio and video quality will give you rich and smooth presentation experience. You can communicate with each other in a near face-to-face scenario.


1.    Multiparty audio/video conferencing

2.    Text messaging

3.    Integrated Office document presentation

4.    Desktop sharing



1.       Present your PowerPoint slide show, Word documents and other office documents easily

2.       Use Visio, Word and Paintbrush to draw and write. No whiteboard features in other software can compare to the ability of these MS Office applications.

3.       Integrated and easy to use interface. No need to switch among windows when sharing your Office documents.

4.       Advanced real-time features allow you to interact with each other using audio, video, text and application sharing features besides the Office presentation.


How it works:

The Blueboard meeting system includes a meeting server and a web-enabled meeting client. The meeting server offers the meeting service, and it can be hosted in any Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista machine. The meeting client can run on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista machines.

Meeting organizers use web browsers to access the management interface in the meeting server. They can schedule meetings and send out meeting invitation emails.

Meeting participants need to install the meeting client in their machines before their first meeting. They use the invitation email or the login page in the meeting server to login into meetings.